Co-Founded in 1991, AZIMUT is an independent service company, specializing in creation, production and postproduction of audiovisual content. 

From our beginnings in directing corporate identity films, our experience expanded into servicing the needs of both external and internal communications to include producing videos, 2D & 3D animations for training, marketing, and promotional needs. 

In 1995, we added in-house postproduction facilities to our services and began producing, editing and adapting commercials in multiple languages for household brands and agencies. 

This combination of creative and technical knowhow led to working on a local and global scale for campaigns in TV, Radio, Digital, SoMe, Cinema, and DOOH and for broadcasting in local and worldwide markets. 

In 2016, we began (re)thinking about our WHY and the power of storytelling.

We started producing films aiming to leverage the visibility of individuals and companies who are working towards making the planet fairer and cleaner for all. 

Today we use a for profit non-greed model, and any profits we make goes towards sharing these films and their solutions to a wider audience. It’s a challenge and a joy to be of service to something bigger than us.